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Manuel Schroeder

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Kultur und Schule

Mein künstlerisches Interesse und Schaffen basiert auf der Beobachtung und Reflektion des sozialen Alltags der Menschen in Ihrem städtischen Umfeld.

In verschiedenen künstlerischen und medialen Techniken transformiere ich die entstehenden visuellen und auditiven Skizzen in übergreifende Werke der Fotografie, Videokunst, Malerei und Performance.

  • Vita/Profil

    • Lebenslauf

      born in Herford/Germany, lives in Berlin/Germany, works in Germany, Europe, USA

      since 1994
      fine artist, solo and group exhibitions, publications, artworks in private and public art collections, foundership & leadership of local and international art and culture projects, crossmedial projects in dance, sound installations and performing arts, lectureships in universities, colleges and schools
      freelaance graphic designer and photographer (ad agencies, design & publicity bureaus, industrial companies)
      musician (drummer, composer, leader in improvised jazz and electronic band projects)

      private study of painting at SGD Academy, Darmstadt/Germany
      apprenticeship as typesetter, repro-photographer and graphic designer, Krefeld & Essen/Germany
      study of drums at „L‘Ecole Dante Agostini“, Düsseldorf/Germany

      since 2012
      Lectureship in seminar “wasteland“, art association Raumordnung e.V., colleges in NRW/Germany
      University Lectureship in in workshop “project eXodus“, Faculty of Arts, Daugavpils Univerity/Latvia
      Lectureship in seminar “project eXodus/fotomoments“, Education Center „Erfolg eV“, Daugavpils/Latvia
      Lectureship in workshop “My Area“, juveniles in museums (JIM), Museum Berlinische Galerie/Germany
      Lectureship in workshop “project eXodus“, Sprinkler Factory, Worcester MA/USA
      University Lectureship in seminar “project eXodus“, Catholic University NRW, Aachen/Germany
      University Lectureship in workshop “project eXodus“, University of Fine Arts Dresden/Germany
      Lectureship in workshop “City Lights“, art association Raumordnung e.V., Krefeld/Germany
      Lectureship in workshop “mirage - moving memories“, student exchange program, University of Fine Arts
      Vilnius & art association Raumordnung e.V., Krefeld/Germany
      Lectureship in workshop “City Lights“, art association Raumordnung e.V., Duisburg/Germany
      University Lectureship in workshop “mirage – moving memories“, Contemporary Art Center, University of Fine Arts and Goethe Institute, Vilnius/Lithuania
      since 2009
      Lectureship in social photography, Karl-Borromäus-School, Bonn/Germany
      since 2007
      University Lectureship in social photography, Catholic University NRW, Cologne, Aachen/Germany
      since 2006
      Lectureship in fine arts and photography, Culture & School program of NRW, Rhine-Ruhr area/Germany
      Lectureship in photoshop production, Academy for Design, Krefeld/Germany
      Lectureship in music & band workshops, International Union for Social Work (IB), Krefeld/Germany

    • Projekte

      since 2011
      “project eXodus“, Is genocide preventable? - views through contemporay arts
      art association Raumordnung eV/Germany, Lithuania, USA, Latvia, France, Romania
      “urban apps“, media and performing art in public spaces
      art association Raumordnung eV/Germany
      “forum contemporary art“ (f/c/a) - international laboratory for contemporary arts and sciences
      art association Raumordnung eV/Germany, Latvia, USA, France
      “the fifth string“, music theater
      (supported by: pact Zollverein, Essen/Germany)
      since 2010
      art association “Raumordnung - Society for Urban Art and Design eV“, Krefeld/Germany
      “i was here“ table installations in public spaces
      Kaiser-Wilhelm-Museum/Krefeld - Foundation for Art, Culture and Social Affairs of Sparda-Bank West/Germany
      “mirage - moving memories“
      media & dance performance, TWINS/twilight zone - Light Art Festival, Capital of Culture RUHR.2010/Duisburg
      projektroom “ArTRIUM – space for contemporary art“
      (supported by: Creative Class Ruhr, Starbucks department NRW, DB management trainstation, Duisburg/Germany)
      “Nordlichter“ (northern lights)
      portraits of deprived areas through photography and film, Cologne-Chorweiler and Duisburg-Bruckhausen
      (supported by: GAG Real Estate Cologne, Culture bureau City of Cologne, Culture bureau City of Duisburg)
      project gallery “zelle15 - projectroom for cross-media“
      (supported by: Culture bureau City of Duisburg, Ströer Media & DB management trainstation, Duisburg/Germany)
      cross-media collaboration with dance-company „Vera Sander art connects“, University of Music, Cologne/Germany
      (supported by: Foundation of Arts NRW, Wuppertal & FUSED dance festival, cultural office, Krefeld/Germany)

    • Publikationen/Kataloge

      “Ruhrlights Twilight Zone“ - International Festival of Light Arts, Capitol of Culture RUHR.2010/Germany
      publisher Hatje Cantz,
      ISBN 978-3-7757-2754-92008
      „Objekt Eigelstein - social photographic view on a Cologne district“
      publisher Barbara Budrich,
      ISBN 978-3-938094-76-1
      “Street Art - the city as playground“
      archive of youthculture/Berlin,
      ISBN 9:3-86546-040-2
      “Veedels Kiosk“- gard game on Cologne kiosks,
      publisher Themendienst/Cologne,
      ISBN 3-931804-12-7
      “White swans - black roses“ (design book unikates)
      publisher Themendienst/Cologne,
      ISBN 3-931804-13-5
      “demolition“, action directe (compact disk)
      Rossenbach Music Production/Düsseldorf
      “poethic silhuettes“, action directe (compact disk/sampler)
      AMF-music, Aachen/Germany,
      LC 8419, AMF 1034
      “network“, action directe (compact disk)
      AMF-music, Aachen/Germany,
      LC 8419, AMF 1032

  • Kontakt

    Telefon: +49 177 7988337
    Dieselstraße 18
    47266 Duisburg